Sep. 19, 2018

Wolves Of Wall Street Movie Mp4 Download

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Jeff Allen just got a new job in one of Manhattan's wealthiest brokerage firms, Wolfe Brothers. Here young, good-looking stockbrokers make a lot of money by being particularly cutthroat. ...DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)










































Jeff Allen just got a new job in one of Manhattan's wealthiest brokerage firms, Wolfe Brothers. Here young, good-looking stockbrokers make a lot of money by being particularly cutthroat. Jeff finds out that the real secret to their success is an animal instinct that is turning him into a werewolf, but it may be too late for him to get out. A movie about yuppie werewolves ... hmm, sounds interesting. Kind of like American Psycho, but with lycanthropes. Yeah, that could work! And what a cool metaphor! Here we follow the story of a young man who travels to Wall Street in search of a job as a stockbroker, but due to his lack of experience can only get offered secretarial jobs. That is, until he meets a gorgeous girl in a bar who puts him in touch with the local "Wolf Brothers" branch. He quickly gets excepted into the 'pack', which is seemingly populated by your standard dashing, egocentric Wall Street types (who all appear to be closet homosexuals as well). And as it turns out, this business may be even more dangerous and bloodthirsty than people say ...

The script is pretty smart in places, and the performances are all quite good, particularly from Eric Roberts, the most famous and experienced member of the cast. It's a good play on the whole genre of movies like "The Firm" or "Boiler Room", with a werewolf twist. David DeCoteau has an interesting style of directing, which involves cutting and splicing moments from important scenes all over the movie, with a kind of hip soundtrack going on at the same time.

So what's wrong with it? Well, there's just one thing really -- it's not really a werewolf movie. Don't get me wrong, it has silver bullets and full moons and gruesome murders and everything. But where are the werewolves? Nowhere in sight, I'm afraid! It could have been a pretty cool werewolf movie, if they'd just bothered with some actual transformations. Bah, never mind.

As it stands, it's not a bad movie, but it's not a particularly good one either. You might give it a look if you get the chance, but you probably don't want to go out of your way. Greed is the ultimate theme of this film, and horror (with a slice of homoeroticism) director David DeCoteau realizes this early on and decides to build a film without the costumed monsters of the normal horror genre, but instead with suit wearing professionals that look and act just like you or I. He brings this essence of realism into the film by never quite giving us the werewolf, but showing us how too much power, money, and corruption can "transform" a person just like the classic werewolf. I felt several times that I was watching a rendition of a "wolf in sheep's clothing" because we never actually see the wolves, instead we are shown the corporate suits that seem just like you and I. While DeCoteau does a great job of building the issue that greed is bad, he completely misses the target known as story. I can honestly say that this film has none to speak of.

To build a good story you must first have a solid foundation. In this film there were two foundations, Jeff Allen and the Wolfe Brothers. With these two focal points firmly placed, DeCoteau attempts to build a frame and put siding on his story, but ultimately fails. After consistently unfunny "wolf" jokes, DeCoteau uses the simple technique of flashback to give us the (sorry for the pun) meat of the story. Those points that we missed because Allen was "blacking out" are shown in random, sporadic, and chaotic flash points. Most of them are hard to follow and show either too much or too little of the story. After the first set of these flashbacks, I just didn't care anymore. For this film to truly succeed, I think that it needed a linear story for the audience to follow instead of random crumbs littering the floor. This would have helped to build a stronger main character, a stronger relationship between Allen and Annabella (to explain the ending), and more sinister villains … if you can call them that. The technique was OK for the first time, but only added to a film that was quickly loosing momentum.

So, we had a failing story, what else went wrong with this film? Outside of Eric Roberts, which seemed like he was in a world all his own, there just seemed to be unanswered questions littering the open spaces of the film. Annabella's ex-boyfriend's death seemed to be a fly in the pan, while her meeting with Dyson (Roberts) left me questioning her loyalty. Who, or what, were these men anyway? Were they cannibals or werewolves? I would assume by the title of this film, Wolves of Wall Street, that it would be a simple answer. I was wrong. Even with the monotonous "wolf" innuendo, I couldn't quite guess. I think the trouble that I was having was the full moon science. How could there have been a full moon every night? I know that it couldn't have been every night, but it felt like it during this film. Perhaps if DeCoteau would have focused a bit more on the science of this film (perhaps watch a couple werewolf films) and less on his male actors removing their shirts in unison revealing their heavily muscled bodies, we could have had a better film. But, I am no director, so what am I to say.

Speaking of the actors, Eric Roberts went above and beyond for this film. It impresses me that he puts so much emphasis on these little films, especially knowing whom his little sister is, and by placing this emphasis he carries this film on his shoulders. This isn't hard considering whom he is working with. The actor who plays Jeff Allen, Mr. William Gregory Lee, looked like he was acting his way through this film. You could literally see the Drama 101 seeping from his sweat, and it was embarrassing. The rest of the wolves…sorry…brokers were basically eye candy for the women whose husbands picked this film up after every copy of Mona Lisa Smile was gone. Nobody helped bring this film to the next level except for Mr. Roberts. The rest were pure dribble.

Finally, I would like to add that if I pay my money to see a horror film, I would actually like to see some horror. There was literally no blood in this film. You would think that with a box showing men with shadows of wolves walking down the street, blood would be second nature. This is not true. It isn't until the end that you actually see blood for the first time, and by then it is so quick (or you are so bored) that it doesn't matter. I needed some scares, some moments of genuine fright, some … dare I say it … horror for this film to work. Instead what I found were cheap actors, horrible editing with crappy flashbacks, and no actual horror as far as the eye can see.

Overall, it was a disappointment. While I was not expecting anything extraordinary, I would have thought that somebody (outside Eric Roberts) would have cared about this project, but I guess I was wrong. I needed more solidity with the story and a more focused director to help guide me through the piles of mess that the actors created. I needed help, but nobody listened to my yelp.

Grade: * out of *****


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